“Digital Education with Cultural heritage”, the new Europeana MOOC

Actualité du 05.03.2021

Cultural heritage has a crucial role to play in education. While languages, syllabi and curricula may change across the globe, the challenging need to look at the past to understand the present is shared among generations and it is universal.

With the aim of increasing digital cultural data as a trusted primary source – essential in this era of disinformation – to implement innovative pedagogies, the Europeana “Digital Education with Cultural Heritage” MOOC empowers teachers and educators to use digital technologies, essential to develop learners' 21st century skills.

This online course will explore the educational potential of digital cultural heritage, improving teachers’ and educators’ understanding so they can efficiently integrate it into their lessons and practices, regardless of the subject they teach. The final goal is to design engaging and deep-learning content for students, museumgoers, or lifelong learners to prepare them as active and responsible citizens with key competencies to thrive in life.

This MOOC makes use of Europeana’s digitised collection of cultural heritage and content from the Teaching with Europeana blog, where participants will find resources in multiple formats (such as pictures, videos, texts, 3D) and multiple languages, various tools like Transcribathon and Historiana and other ready-made materials that they can easily integrate in their educational activities. Moreover, the course will introduce the learning scenario template and guide participants to use it and build their own. To help participants, the course offers a selection of videos with tested learning scenarios designed by educators from different countries.

Additionally, this course will foster the employment of innovative pedagogical approaches and facilitate open schooling and hybrid spaces for education by connecting museums, libraries, and other cultural institutions with schools through educational activities based on cultural heritage assets.


Teachers in primary and secondary compulsory education, VET and special education of any subject, museum educators, and any other CHI professional (like librarians, archivists, curators and other non-formal educators) who wants to design educational activities using Europeana content or their own digital collections and assets.


  • Module 1: Europeana: Transform Education with Digital Culture - opens on 15/03/2021
  • Module 2: Search and Use Europeana Collections to Conduct your Educational Activity - opens on 22/03/2021
  • Module 3: Explore Europeana Educational Tools and Resources - opens on 29/03/2021
  • Module 4: Design Learning Scenarios with Europeana Content and Resources - opens on 05/04/2021
  • Module 5: Assess Cultural Heritage Lessons - opens on 12/04/2021


In order to earn a course certificate, course participants need to pass all the quizzes, submit their own Europeana learning scenario and review three learning scenarios of other participants. The final deadline to complete all activities is Wednesday, 28 April, 23:59 CEST. The participation in the quizzes will amount to 5% of the final grade and is not a requirement for receiving the course certificate. The learning scenario, together with the peer reviews, will count for 95% of the final grade.

The overall passing grade is 95%.

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